Readers' Reactions

“A great account of government waste on a disaster relief ‘effort’. If you appreciate this (wry tongue in cheek) dry humor combined with an expose of ‘what really happened,’ give this a try.”

—Honest Reviewer, Amazon Customer

“This book contains the horrors far more devastating than the hurricane itself. I applaud the author for being brave enough to raise awareness of the injustices the government has been doing all through these years.”

—Angela Bishop, Boston, Massachusetts

“I can’t express how much rage this book has awaken in me. It made me look at authority and power when wrongly used. This abuse of power is unimaginable but true in many parts of the world. A book that is full of purpose. Good job, Biamonte.”

—Brandon Dalton, Denver, Colorado

The Jaws of Agnes

About the Book

In mid-June of 1972, summertime in Elmira, Florida, abruptly ends. Harsh winds and rain devastate the place where seven hundred people live. Hurricane Agnes destroyed homes, properties, and lives. The rare calamity forced the town of Elmira to seek help from the government. News spread that the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) had done an excellent job in setting up the trailers for the flood victims. But Edgar Biamonte discovered the ground operations reeking of ignorance, irresponsibility, and inefficiency on the part of the workers, confirming the rumors of the carelessness of the government. As the writer continues to get information, the horrors of the negligence become clearer and more obvious. The Jaws of Agnes is the result of Edgar Biamonte’s and the people of Elmira’s bitter experience in the hands of their leaders.

Edgar Biamonte

About the Author

Edgar Biamonte is a musician, teacher, and writer. He started to play the piano professionally in restaurants and other events when he was eighteen years old. He has also played with popular musicians such as Frank Sinatra, Janet Leigh, Rhonda Fleming, and Ava Gardner. He graduated with a bachelor of arts in English at Queens College, and later earned a master’s degree in education from Elmira College Graduate School, Elmira, New York, in 1961. After that, he taught English at Southside High School in Elmira for twenty-three years. He has published several poems in literary magazines, some of which won in many competitions. He has also written Window of Eternity, which was published by Ashley Books in 1984. It was followed by a sequel, entitled Window to Eternity, that was published by Balboa Press in 2012.
He has written four more books and other short stories. He currently lives in Hemlock Farms, Hawley, Pennsylvania.


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